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Tibia Gold--20K $5.10
Tibia Gold 90k+20% $6.99

Tibia Gold---180k +20%

Tibia Gold---270k +20% $24.99
Tibia Gold---360k +20% $32.99
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We promise to deliver tibia gold (tibia money, tibia gp,tibia coin) this page in 72 hours. Most worlds are in 24 hours. If you need 5min delivery, please buy here .After you pay, please contact our online support ASAP. We will send gold by bank transfer.

The price at Inferna dolera premia are at least $12.99, $80/1kk for liberaameraantica and samera Nov.18.2010

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  • Look for the items or the amount of gold you want and choose the world.
  • Input your character name.
  • Click buy now and finish your order
  • Click the online chat service link to make a fix of gold or items delivery.
  • Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account